Who We Are

Collaborative partnership between Last Hour Games and Science Concepts International. By coming together, we can turn out individual passions about education to create a game that is fun and fascinating, and raise public awareness about the energy sector.

Grid City's Mission:

Grid City’s goal is to become an interactive and fun way of introducing youth and young adults to the complexities of energy sector. Many organizations in the energy sector are concerned with the difficulty of reaching out to young people and helping them understand what the energy sector is all about. We aim to educate our players by enabling them to become problem solvers and learn first-hand the challenges of running a power grid by putting them in charge of their own city.

Our Plan Going Forward:

Our intent is to engage with a broad range of corporate partners within the electricity sector, who agree with our mission and who will actively support and sponsor our game development program in 2016. The Alpha version of our game (working title 'Grid City') is targeted for release to the sponsoring membership in the second quarter of 2016.

We plan to host a gaming workshop and focus group for active sponsors – to vet the basic game themes and elicit feedback prior to proceeding with a Beta version by mid-year. The Beta version will be released to the entire sponsoring membership such that they can then forward it to their selected distribution lists as an 'exclusive' and novel undertaking.

Once the sponsoring partnership has had sufficient opportunity to experience the Beta version – via mechanisms of their choosing – the game will be officially released to mobile platforms using existing and well established on-line distribution channels.

Why Be a Supporting Partner?

  • An Opportunity to promote your company 'brand' in a unique way that demonstrates innovative thinking but also instructs how the electricity grid operates.
  • Have exclusive access to the early development stages of the game – thereby having input into the key instructional themes – and early branding opportunities.
  • Use this game application to educate your customers, clients, business contacts and staff in a manner that is less tiresome than the usual mechanisms, but which instead is both fun and instructive.