Project Details

Grid City is a mobile simulation game project aiming to help spread awareness and knowledge about the power industry. It focuses on three main aspects: balancing the electrical grid, the economics of buying and selling power, and player interaction through social features.

Built for mobile, Grid City is made for the casual and hardcore player alike, with the flexibility to play briefly on the subway ride to work or play for hours at home.

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Balancing The Power

Every player will be given a list of goals to achieve as their city grows, as well as daily events that appear randomly as an extra challenge! These goals and events are based on real-life situations that the energy sector faces every day. To complete these tasks, the player must solve these problems just like the pros, building energy sources, placing main lines for their grid, keeping the grid well maintained, and transferring power around their city to where it’s needed most. Events could include unexpected city growth, natural disasters, and even supernatural disasters! In a pinch, buy power from other cities, or trade with your friends to make sure you can keep the lights on


Through a three tier currency system the players will be able to buy infrastructure, trade power and improve their city.

Collect and spend Grid City’s three in-game currencies:

  • Power - Generated by your grid, Power is what your city needs to keep running. A certain amount of power is generated regularly by your grid - but is it enough to meet your city’s demands? Perhaps you’re generating far more than you’re using; sell it to other players for Cash!
  • Cash - Earned by selling power to your citizens and other players, you can use Cash to build, expand and repair your grid’s infrastructure and buy power when you’re running short.
  • Special - Earned by completing goals and daily events, and whenever an achievement is unlocked. Special currency can be used to purchase cosmetic additions to your city, such as alternate architectural styles, new advisor avatars, or unique landmarks!


By linking with social media, players will be able to connect with their friends in-game, allowing them to show off their city’s success - or ask for help to prevent its failure! Players will be able to buy and sell power from each other, make energy usage deals, and compare their cities through leaderboards.

Every player will receive in-game feedback from their advisor avatar, such as the progress on the city’s growth and building projects, how clean your city is running, how happy your citizens are, if there are any challenge events available, and more! Carefully mind the cost of power, the types of power sources available, and the efficiency of your grid lines.